Paul Eres (rinku) wrote in septaweekly,
Paul Eres

septaweekly ends?

been considering ending septaweekly. reasons:

1) it's too good of a magazine, and thus no one reads it. i feel like crawford almost, writing great things but for almost no one.

2) what it *is* valued for isn't even good -- its top30 list, etc.

3) much of it overlaps the forthcoming heroist website (in essence the heroist site will be for all the different art forms what septaweekly was for the videogame form).

4) it's begun to become something where everyone is telling me what must be in it. people demand to do covers, to write articles for it, etc. it's seen as 'undemocratic' and 'censorship' when i don't review a particular ohrrpgce game, etc.

anyway, i'm not 100% decided yet, so if anyone can give me a good reason to continue the magazine, i'll give you a fair hearing.
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