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septaweekly ends? 
03:08pm 02/04/2003
  been considering ending septaweekly. reasons:

1) it's too good of a magazine, and thus no one reads it. i feel like crawford almost, writing great things but for almost no one.

2) what it *is* valued for isn't even good -- its top30 list, etc.

3) much of it overlaps the forthcoming heroist website (in essence the heroist site will be for all the different art forms what septaweekly was for the videogame form).

4) it's begun to become something where everyone is telling me what must be in it. people demand to do covers, to write articles for it, etc. it's seen as 'undemocratic' and 'censorship' when i don't review a particular ohrrpgce game, etc.

anyway, i'm not 100% decided yet, so if anyone can give me a good reason to continue the magazine, i'll give you a fair hearing.
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septaweekly now has a forum 
05:36am 01/02/2003
  septaweekly now has a forum for the staff members and for others interested in game design and game philosophy.

08:43am 24/11/2002
  1169 hits now. a large jump.

i think this has something to do with james updating the ohr and in the next sentence mentioning septaweekly, with a link to it.

other stuff:

shiz: finish your article!
harlock: remember to start on your cutscene article.
haggard: we can do the dw1 article over winter i guess.
hachi: start the top30 yet?
harlock: what are we going to do about the human day themes?
others: submit games for review if you have any to review.

general guess on when the next septaweekly will come out: some time in january (so that i'll have time to review the human day games).
septa #2 released 
09:02am 11/11/2002
  reasonably septaweekly issue #2 has been released. my thanks to everyone who contributed. link is http://www.septaweekly.cjb.net  
05:35am 11/11/2002 is reasonably septaweekly's new address now. www.septaweekly.cjb.net should work as soon as harlock gets to changing the redirect from there.  
Some ideas for Septa's third issue. 
11:23am 10/11/2002
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For the next issue, article's on
would be interesting.
For Indiegames, examining the idea of creating a contest on large scale, with comments on the entries received and how the contest is set up as opposed to, say OHR Contests, which have been rampant lately. Basically, what makes a good contest.

For Dransik, which is a MMORPG at the beta testing stage, initial flaws in the Dransik engine, the idea of a MMORPG, and what sacrifices have to be made to turn a “traditional” RPG to a MMORPG. Particularly, what other forms of multiplayer RPGs are out there? What are the benefits of using a MMORPG as opposed to other formats?
harlock und septaweekly 
06:52am 08/11/2002
  is back online. seems septaweekly will be up on late monday or tuesday.  
06:05am 03/11/2002
  as soon as harlock gets back, septaweekly issue 2 will be released. so hurry up and get back, harlock.  
reason & 7*7 
05:12am 23/09/2002
  and another arrow flies from the bow